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ValvesToday Company Registration Management (CRM):

Welcome to our ValvesToday Company Registration Management (CRM).

ValvesToday offers clients’ access to our unique ValvesToday Company Registration Management (CRM).
In our ValvesToday Company Registration Management (CRM) companies have their own possibilities to manage their company and Valve information on our ValvesToday Website. Your will have access to your own company information, photo’s, logo, contact details, etc and add or modify when required.

ValvesToday offers you three options to add your Valve information to our ValvesToday Network;

  • Three months "Introduction" Registration (Free of charge)
  • One year registration
  • Three year registration

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Individual Product promotion:

ValvesToday provide your company the unique opportunity to promote all your valves and valve solutions almost unlimited. For each Valve type or Valve related items we you have the opportunity to add one complete product page full with your product specifications, photo’s, contact details etc. With all these specified qualities, our unique ValvesToday searching system will provide your Valves or Valves solutions direct to our clients and end users.

Unlimited pages for only one price.

Please register your company at ValvesToday and add almost unlimited your Valves and Valve solutions to our ValvesToday categories.

For each of your Valves or Valve solutions, ValvesToday has one complete product page reserved to add all your Valve and company details.

Each product page provide:

  • Full company address
  • Company logo
  • Full contact details
  • Direct links to your home page
  • Direct link to your product contact and sales contact
  • A full and detailed product description
  • Five picture options
  • A full description of your company
  • An complete overview of all your other products or solutions on our ValvesToday Website also with direct links to your other product pages
  • Product brochures
  • Company brochures

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With our ValvesToday News you achieve the easiest way to inform your clients and end-users 24/7 worldwide with your newest Valve products, projects and/or developments. Your Valve news will be direct accessible for your clients, complete with direct links to your company web site.

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Looking for the best technical and/or commercial Valve solutions? Please find RFQ’s from our worldwide ValvesToday network.
Adding your Request For Quotation (RFQ) is free of charge and without any further commitments. Please add your Request For Quotation (RFQ) and receive your Valve solution tomorrow. RFQ’s will be showed on our ValvesToday site for a period for one month.

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Please join our valve discussions on ValvesToday or start your own valve discussion. Discussions from and to our ValvesToday network are free of charge or any further commitments.

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The ValvesToday Calendar is the complete agenda for all National and International valve related events and exhibitions Worldwide.

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Instead of high price advertisement in a "one time" magazine, ValvesToday offers you 24/7, 365 days on top of your competition advertisement.

Option 1: "On top of your Competition"

ValvesToday offers you the opportunity to have your company on top of the competition.

The best position for your company banner is on top of our Category page. On each individual category page we have the opportunity to have your company banner on top of the category page.

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Option 2: "Striking advertisement at Category page"

Another great opportunity ValvesToday offers you is to have your company banner clearly visible between the top five (5) of the results in the specified ValvesToday Category pages. This way, your company banner will be noticed always together with the first results.

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All our banners are rotating banners, what means that there will be max 3 banners installed which will switch every 4 seconds. If a visitor / your potential client click on your banner they will be directed to your company homepage.
All banners at ValvesToday will be shown for a minimum period 6 months.
For both banner options we have only limited possibilities. First come, first win.