Duxvalves B.V.

Duxvalves B.V.

Bornsestraat 321
7601 PB Almelo
Overijssel, Netherlands
Telephone: 0031 546 458 351
E-mail: sales@duxvalves.co...
Website: www.duxvalves.com/

Product description


SimLab_196The Duxvalves inline type choke control valve (type DCV-G series) is a modular built up design suitable for severe applications with possible short delivery times.


Rigid design
Modular design
Short delivery times
Uncomplicated design
Seat tightness class V / V bubble tight
Excellent erosion resistance
Easy maintenance
Repairable internals
Guaranteed maximum Cv value

High pressure (drop)
Contaminated fluids
Cavitation and or Flashing
Friendly environmental conditions
Low noise
Low emissions

Gas/Oil Production
Level control
Water/gas injection
Methanol injection

Body sizes: ½ till 6”
Flange sizes: ½ till 12”
Flange or hub types to: ANSI, API, DIN
Rating: ANSI 150 – 4.500 Lbs, API 2.000 – 15.000 Lbs
Cv range: 0.05 – 650

Product specifications

Valve type: Choke Valves
Type of Industry: Hydrocarbon Processing
Oil & Gas
Valve material: Super Duplex
Stainless Steel
Pressure class: 2500 Lbs
1500 Lbs
900 Lbs
600 Lbs
Valve standards: API (American Petroleum Institute)
Make / Brand: DuxValves

Company introduction

DuxValves Company Profile

home-visualWe are a control valve and choke (control) valve manufacturer, established in Almelo (The Netherlands), producing a high quality product in accordance with well known International standards. Our focus is on quality, flexibility and reliability. Working in close harmony with our clients to gain the best solution for each typical application. Product performance feedback is much appreciated from our clients, as this allows for regular product improvement. Focussing on the most severe applications, we are capable of improving your system. Using our product for both new projects and modifications on current installations, which will prove to be very interesting when looking at the total costs of ownership.

The Team
Our team consists of experienced professionals who have worked with these kinds of products and applications for many years. They have built up a tremendous amount of experience based on feedback from the field. The added value to our customers is not only limited to superior products and low life-cycle costs, but is also related to in-depth knowledge of our customers’ processes and operating practices. Furthermore, our familiarity with international standards and design practices, product application expertise and our know-how on application related disciplines, such as metallurgy and control systems, which contribute to customer demands. Complementary to this is our After Sales and Service capabilities, which enable us to provide an excellent Worldwide Service.