AGF Manufacturing, Inc.

AGF Manufacturing, Inc.

100 Quaker Lane
PA 19355 Malvern
Pennsylvania, United States
Telephone: 001 6102404900
E-mail: info@testandrain.c...

Product description

The Most Reliable and Versatile Inspector's Test and Drain Valves in the Sprinkler Industry

AGF revolutionized the industry with the Model 1000 TESTanDRAIN® single handle ball valve inspector's test which
eliminated the time and space consuming traditional loop assembly. Since then, TESTanDRAIN® valves have been
installed in countless systems throughout the world. AGF continues to introduce innovative new products designed
to simplify your installation. TESTanDRAIN® valves are now made in more styles, in more sizes, and with more orifice options than any other valve on the market. AGF is the brand you rely on to give you all the options you need with the proven reliability you and your customers demand.

Lightweight and compact, the Model 1000 TESTanDRAIN® is a 300 PSI rated single handle ball valve that was specifically designed to provide both the test function and the express drain function required for a wet fire sprinkler system. It features a tamper resistant test orifice, integral tamper resistant sight glasses, and a tapped port for system access. The Model 1000 TESTanDRAIN® meets all the requirements of NFPA-13, NFPA-13R, and NFPA-13D. Available in 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", and 2" sizes in both NPT and BSPT with all specifiable orifice sizes: 3/8" (2.8K), 7/16" (4.2K), 1/2" (5.6K), 17/32" (8.0K), 5/8" (11.2K, ELO), 3/4" (14.0K, ESFR), and K25.

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Product specifications

Valve type: Drain Valves
Type of Industry: Chemical
Building & Construction
Oil & Gas
Valve material: Bronze
Pressure class: Psi 0 - 100
Valve standards: ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
Make / Brand: AGZ

Company introduction

AGF Manufacturing Inc. was started with the intent of providing unique products for the fire sprinkler industry.Over the years we have introduced many innovative designs to fill a wide variety of demands. In filling these needs we strive to provide the best possible product backed by a strong commitment to customer service. The interaction with customers has assisted us in introducing a diverse product line. We continually work in the field to improve existing products and invent new items.

At AGF Manufacturing Inc. we are always working to make the contractor's job more efficient through labor savings and more competitive through cost savings. Our goal is to provide a design engineer or architect a sense of product reliability and fiscal responsibility. Our unique products are created to fulfill the variety of demands a contractor or a design engineer might have in mind.

Our entire line of products is manufactured to ISO 9002 standards. Our valves and fittings are approved by both Underwriters Laboratories and Underwriters Laboratories Canada as well as Factory Mutual. This commitment to quality enhances product reliability and end user satisfaction.