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Product description

FREE-VALVE’s Square Type Knife Gate Valves are a kind of valve which uses the square board as the opening and closing element and moves up and down with the board to realize full opening and full closing.The square knife gate valve is mainly used to cut off medium in the pipeline.The valve is widely used in power, hydraulic, petroleum, chemical, mining and other industries.
1)The same construction as standard knife gate valve.
2)Body and gate disc in rectangular valve shape.
3)Same actuators and accessories as standard.
4)Rising stem tight model.
5)Square flange ends

Technical Specification:
1.Size Range:DN200xDN200.......DN1200xDN1200
2.Pressure Range: Class 150 /PN6 /PN10
3.Applicable Temperature: 0~120℃
4.Connection Type: Square flange
5.Sealing material: Rubber,Metal seal 
6.Body Material: Carbon steel,stainless steel
7.Disc material:Stainless steel,carbon steel
Operating Mode: Pneumatic

FREE-VALVE’s Square Type Knife Gate Valves are a powder, grain materials, small particle materials and the flow of materials or delivery of the main control equipment ,it was widely used in metallurgical, mining, building materials, food, chemical and other industries control the rapid flow of change or cut off. 

Payment terms:TT,LC
Price terms:FOB,CIF,FCA,.CFR
Delivery time:30days
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Product specifications

Valve type: Gate Valves
Type of Industry: Transport
coal power station
Valve material: Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
Cast Carbon steel
Cast Iron
Pressure class: PN 16
PN 10
150 Lbs
Valve standards: API (American Petroleum Institute)
GB/JB/ZB (Chinese Valve Standards)
DN (Diametre Nominal)
Make / Brand: FREE-VALVE

Company introduction

Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd is leader in the design valve and application of special industrial valves , we provide high quality industrial products for our customers all the time. First introduced ceramic engineer valve in the year 2008, FREE-VALVE’S have steadily proven their worth in tough industrial applications once thought to be solely the province of steel or ceramic valves. Today, as challenge traditional thinking in abrasive fluid applications, FREE-VALVES offer a wide rang of products:ceramic knife gate valve , ceramic double gate valve , ceramic rotary gate valve , slurry valve ,tank bottom angle valve , V type ball valve, ball valve, butterfly valve,ceramic tile lined composite pipes etc . They have a wide application in coal washing plant ,power plant ,alumina refinery, steel plant,petro-chemical etc. Our valves have been exported to Pakistan ,Turkey ,United states ,Indonesia,Taiwan etc .