Penta S.r.l.

Penta S.r.l.

Via Boccaccio 23
25080 Molinetto di Mazzano
Brescia, Italy
Telephone: +39 030 2629175
E-mail: sales1@pentavalves...

Product description

AP 10 Model
Wafer ball valve floating ball, fully replaceable seats

AP11 Model
Wafer ball valve fully detachable for maintenance with integral heating jacket
Both models are available from DN 15 till DN 150, Full or reduced bore
Seats available in PENTAFITE, ST6, Chromium carbide coating, Tungsten carbide coating.
UNI or Bidirectional
Anti blow-out Stem Design
Fire safe design
All Penta valves AP model are tested to verify their BUBBLE TIGHTNESS (no visible leakage during hydraulic seat test accrding to ANSI B 16.34 and during low pressure air seats test at 100psi).

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Download product brochure

Product specifications

Valve type: Wafer ball valves
Type of Industry: Processing
Oil & Gas
Hydrocarbon Processing
Valve material: Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
Pressure class: 150 Lbs
PN 25
PN 16
PN 10
300 Lbs
PN 40
Valve standards: ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
API (American Petroleum Institute)
ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)
DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung)
EN (European Standard)
Make / Brand: Penta S.r.l.

Company introduction

Since 1977 Penta is involved in the design and production of
Metal seated ball valves for high temperature services
Metal seated ball valves for abrasive services (with solids)
Spring Loaded PTFE seated cryogenic ball valves
Ball valves with special designs arrangements
During its activity the Company has developed proprietary technologies for:
- Self lubricated metallic seat material PENTAFITE
- Special expanded graphite gaskets to meet very high pressures and temperatures
- Long lasting designs
More than twenty years of worldwide experience on critical services is now
available in a wide range of valve sizes and pressure classes.
All our production is 100% pressure tested to meet NO VISIBLE leakage
both in seat hydrotesting and low pressure gas seat testing.
Safety and reliability together with full satisfaction of customer’s
expectations are the main criteria on which design and manufacture
of Penta valves is based.

This advanced exclusive seat material shows together:
Metallic properties, specially for which compressive
strength refers
- Low friction factors, to reduce valve torque
- Self lubricating properties, to eliminate galling
experienced with other solid metals
- High elasticity, to eliminate lapping of seat to a
specific side of the ball and to allow quick and easy
- High corrosion resistance