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Product description

FREE-VALVE’s thread type spring loaded full lift closed safety valve is based on the change of the media pressure at the inlet port and the spring pretension force to automatically open and close the valve disc.When the lifting force of the medium pressure (internal pressure) is higher than the spring pretension force, The valve disc overcomes the spring pretension force to open automatically, and the safety valve internal pressure drops after discharging excess media,and due to the action of spring force, when the internal pressure of safety valve drops to a safety value, the valve disc automatically closes,discharge stop, which does not need to manually reset.
1,Simple structure, good sealing performance, accurate opening pressure, re-seating pressure difference is small, easy adjustment,etc.
2, The seat is a Valenozzle-type , the speed of sound is reached when steam flows through the seat outlet, discharge coefficient is large.The seat sealing surface weld tungsten carbide alloy, wear resistance, long life.
3, The sealing surface of valve disc is hardened to improve wear resistance and anti-flush resistance.
4, Adjusting the adjustment nut, adjust the spring compression, the valve can be very convenient, very quickly to obtain accurate adjustment pressure.
5.Full lift type ,the height of the lift is the 1/4 of seat area .
Technical Specification
1)Size Range: DN15~DN25
2)Pressure Range: PN10~PN160
3)Connection Type: Thread
4)Body material:WCB
5) Pressure test:GB/T12243
6) Design standard: GB/T12241,GB/T12243
10) Service temperature:-20°C to 200°C
FREE-VALVE’s thread type spring loaded full lift closed safety valve are used for steam boiler system ,such as high pressure supply watering heating and heater exchange.

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Product specifications

Valve type: ESD Valves
Type of Industry: coal power station
Valve material: Carbon Steel
Pressure class: 150 Lbs
Valve standards: ANSI
Make / Brand: FREE-VALVE

Company introduction

Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd is leading designer and supplier of high-quality industrial valves, for industries ranging from Coal Washing Plant ,Power Plant ,Alumina Refinery, Steel Plant,Petro-Chemical, WasteWater,Potable Water among others for global markets. We provide comprehensive “Fluid Control Solutions” for customers.